MARINAPLAN PLUS - Reliable and innovative technology for the realization of a sustainable MARINe And coastal seabed management PLAN

The overall objective of the MARINAPLAN PLUS project is to apply an innovative and reliable technology for seabed maintenance in ports to ensure navigability, allowing thriving maritime economy and environmental sustainability. Coherently with Marine Strategy Framework Directive, the project aims to develop an economically viable and environmentally friendly management plan.
Programma: LIFE 2017
Durata del progetto: 2017-2020
Responsabile scientifico/responsabile DBC: Giovanni Preda (Coordinatore)/Marco Abbiati (DBC)
Staff coinvolto: Massimo Ponti (Campus Ravenna), Eva Turicchia (Assegnista)
Partner: TREVI SpA, Cesena (Coordinator); Comune di Cervia; International Council of Marine Industry Associations – ICOMIA, Brussels