IMPACT HAU. The Hau of Finance: Impact investing and the globalisation of social and environmental sustainability

Breve descrizione: Impact investing is a major emerging phenomenon in global finance that promises to reconcile capitalism with sustainability. IMPACT HAU is a comparative anthropological study of the
moral and political dimensions of impact investing. Ethnographic case studies support a critical appraisal of the current consensus among global policymakers and business leaders giving markets a determining role in the ecological transition, testing the theories of sustainability that underpin hopes for a socially inclusive green economy.
Programma: H2020
Durata del progetto: 5 years (Feb. 2019-Jan 2024)
Responsabile scientifico / responsabile DBC: Prof. Marc Brightman
Staff DBC coinvolto: Research team: Giulia dal Maso, Claudia Campisano, Alessandro Maresca